Nora Hogrefe
Nora Hogrefe Headshot

Nora Hogrefe is head of Aktives Museum’s coordinating office for historical markers in Berlin. The office organizes participative projects and the exchange of information on commemorative plaques, information panels, and other memorials. In networking and debating the possibility of a contemporary public culture of remembrance, Nora Hogrefe deals with questions, such as: What is the underlying concept of culture and memory in “culture of remembrance?Who defines these concepts and has the sovereignty of interpretation? How can different or opposing understandings of the past and present exist simultaneously in a diverse city like Berlin? Her current projects include "Memorials in Berlin" and the berlinHistory app.

Studying European Ethnology (Social and Cultural Anthropology) at Humboldt University Berlin, Nora Hogrefe focused on the history of epistemology and culture, postcolonial theory, gender and queer studies, and migration. As a member of the mediation team of the 10th Berlin Biennale (2018), Nora Hogrefe conceptualized guided tours debating current socio-political situations through an engagement with contemporary art. In the emerging area of Education and Outreach of Berlin’s Brücke-Museum, Nora Hogrefe worked as an assistant curator on a new orientation of the museum’s program (2018–2020). The concept of outreach intends to challenge museum collections in terms of their political relevance and social impact through innovative formats and diverse audiences, including the museums' neighborhoods.