Sophia Gessner
Headshot of Sophia Gessner

Sophia is a third semester student of political science and sociology at the University of Würzburg and a human rights activist. As such, she is especially involved with Amnesty International. She currently leads the local student’s group and is part of the coordination group on European human rights issues as well. As she is especially interested in EU and international politics and as she considers the European migration politics in many regards a disaster, she is also involved in the local initiative of the grassroots movement Seebrücke, which is campaigning for secure escape routes, decriminalization of sea rescue and a humane accommodation of refugees. Therefore, human rights work is her core activism – besides public relations activities she is especially experienced in human rights education, particularly due to the workshops we are giving in the frame of the activities of our student’s group. As to climate issues, climate justice cannot be thought without the protection of human rights. As a member of the Green Youth and the Green Student’s Group elected to the student’s council I try to bring forward sustainable development as extensively as possible – however, I consider myself rather a civil society activist than a party political one.