Identity and Exile: The Iranian Diaspora Between Solidarity and Difference

Published: 27 April 2016

Over five million Iranians are in exile – about 120,000 of which live in Germany. They are influencing political and cultural debates in Iran on a daily basis. The aim of this publication is to promote a process of reflection within the diaspora and provide an input concerning the role and potential of the diaspora community in the US and Germany as well.

Assessing Iran's Role in the Middle East

Published: 27 June 2014

The Iran Advisory Group convened its 10th meeting on May 30, 2014 in Beirut, Lebanon. The seminar shed some light on the impact the domestic dynamics under President Rouhani have on Iran’s regional policy agenda.

[VIDEO] Growing Opposition to President Hassan Rouhani: Is the Honeymoon Ending?

Published: 6 March 2014

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is seeing escalating public criticism from Iran's conservative factions, once seemingly stifled by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. Will Rouhani's presidency follow in the footsteps of the Mohammad Khatami era? HBS and the Stimson Center hosted a panel discussion on the shifting internal political dynamics in Iran.

[VIDEO] Understanding Iranian Public Opinion

Published: 18 October 2012

In the midst of bombastic rhetoric exchanged among Iran, Israel, and Western states over the nuclear issue, Iranian public opinion is seldom heard on topics such as the nuclear program, international sanctions, and a potential military strike. Where do the Iranian people stand? Watch the discussion of Iranian Public Opinion hosted by HBF and the Stimson Center.

The Ninth Parliamentary Elections in Iran

Published: 16 February 2012

Looking at the upcoming parliamentary election in Iran, Dr. Hosein Ghazian analyses the challenges of this election in the light of recent political developments in Ira.

Placing Human Rights Violations in Iran on Top of the Foreign Policy Agenda

Published: 26 October 2010

As more time passes since the disputed June 2009 election in Iran that returned President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to power, the Iranian regime’s campaign of repression against its own citizens deepens. Now more than ever, the segment of the Iranian population seeking positive change feels depleted and disillusioned. This report focuses on the desires of Iranians who are directly involved in the opposition movement or who support the movement regarding the steps governments should take to pressure Iran on its human rights violations.