Focus on Ukraine

Focus on Ukraine

The Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung has supported the democratic transition and the protection of human rights in Ukraine for years. Since 2008, the hbs office in Kiev has supported civil society groups engaged in political education, regional projects for climate protection, gender and equality politics, and the protection of human rights.

The future of Ukraine has also been a prominent topic in the political discourse in Washington, DC. Hbs North America promotes a progressive transatlantic dialogue on the problems facing post-Maidan Ukraine. Our activities include workshops, roundtable discussions, and study trips to Ukraine, often in cooperation with other offices of the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung as well as institutes and think tanks in Washington, DC.

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About the 2016 Study Tour to Ukraine

Who? US experts on transatlantic policy from think-tanks and government.

What? The objective of the hbs North America study tour to Ukraine was to develop a nuanced understanding of the political developments since 2013 in Ukraine and the complexities of the political, economic, and social challenges the country faces. 

When? April 2016

Where? Participants toured Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk and Odessa to meet with members of civil society groups, policy-makers, journalists, local and regional officials, and diplomats.

Voices from the Tour

In Ukraine, Cautious Optimism Prevails

Despite frustration over the pace of reform, many Ukrainians remain cautiously optimistic about the country’s direction. The new government would be well-advised to take advantage of this resolve, and leverage it to usher in a more democratic system. 

By Dominik Tolksdorf

This Is Not the Orange Revolution

Invoking Yogi Berra’s overused quote may seem cliché, but for Kyiv watchers, it seems a bit like “déjà vu all over again.” GMF's Steven Keil reports from the #boell2Ukraine Tour. 

By Steven Keil

Insights from the Tour