Democracy & Social Policy Fellowship

About the Democracy & Social Policy Fellowship:

HBF’s work on Democracy and Social Policy explores the challenges to US and European democracies: how do developments such as the rise of right-wing populist parties across Europe, loss of trust in political institutions, the growing appeal of anti-immigrant rhetoric, a global refugee crisis, rapid digitalization, shrinking civil society spaces and increasingly hostile media environments impact our societies and test the strength of our democracies? Journalists interested in applying for this category of the Transatlantic Media Fellowships should aim to contribute to a nuanced transatlantic policy dialogue on the challenges and opportunities for Western democracies.

2017 fellows will research stories related to the following questions:

  • Journalism in a hostile media environment: how are journalists and media outlets adapting to hostile political environments and to the challenge of targeted disinformation campaigns or fake news in the US and Europe?
  • Refugee integration: How is refugee integration working in Germany, more than one year after the country opened its borders to more than one million asylum seekers? The Foundation is especially interested in stories investigating the condition of vulnerable populations (women, unaccompanied minors, LGBTQ, the disabled, a potentially growing undocumented population, etc.).
  • Civil society resistance movements: What does the civil society resistance to the new US administration look like, particularly outside major cities? Similarly, what does civil resistance in Europe look like, particularly in countries experiencing right-wing and authoritarian movements like Poland, Hungary or Turkey?

2017 Fellows: