The Federal Budget and Appropriations for Fiscal Year 2012

Democracy, Governance and Human Rights in the Middle East

This report offers a detailed look at the U.S. funding and assistance for democracy and governance in the Middle East, the Congressional appropriations process, and implications for U.S. policy in the Middle East during this turbulent time. In the wake of the Arab uprisings and amid an extremely constrained domestic budget environment, it is important to examine U.S. funding for the Middle East and the impact on U.S. relations with the region.

This publication focuses on several key questions: What have been the impact of the Arab uprisings on U.S. assistance to the Middle East and North Africa?  What are the most significant changes to U.S. funding and appropriations from previous years?  What has been the impact of the U.S. deficits and budget cuts on funding for the Middle East? What does U.S. funding tell us about the priorities of the Obama administration and its policy response to the events in the Middle East? And what may we expect from Congress in its upcoming appropriations process?

After all of the budget information for FY 2011 is finalized by the administration, POMED will release a revised edition of this report containing all of the usual tables and graphs highlighting numbers that are still unavailable. We expect to release this revised report in September, pending the administration’s schedule in finalizing and releasing all of the remaining budget information.

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