Not All That Glitters: Nigeria's Bitumen Story.

As conventional oil reserves decline, international oil companies are increasingly turning their attention towards unconventional oils such as bitumen to meet rising demand for petroleum products.  With an estimated 38 billion barrels of bitumen across Lagos, Ondo, Ogun, and Lagos states, Nigeria ranks 6th globally among countries with bitumen reserves.

Armsfree Ajanaku travelled to Ondo state communities situated along the bitumen belt of Nigeria to try and understand the people’s perception about the bitumen under their feet and their aspiration for development. He describes his interesting experience in an article published on the website of our partner office in Nigeia. Featuring a short documentary, this article reflects the desire of the people of ondo state in the exploration of bitumen in their community, even when presented with the environmental degradation realities that accompanies the exploration of bitumen. Read more about Armsfree's story here.