Loss & Damage

Loss & Damage is the impact of climate change that is not avoided by mitigation, adaptation, and other measures. It has both economic and non-economic costs, and results from extreme weather events like hurricanes and floods as well as slow onset climatic processes like sea level rise. It includes permanent and irreversible losses for which an economic value can be calculated and non-economic impacts, such as the loss of culture, that cannot be quantified in monetary terms.

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cover of the climate damages tax

The Climate Damages Tax

The Climate Damages Tax: Making Big Oil pay for climate chaos, funding loss & damage and a just transition. Tax rises yearly as carbon budget shrinks, complementing other measures to power climate action worldwide.
cover of "Loss and Damage Fund: A Participation Blueprint"

Loss and Damage Fund: A Participation Blueprint

Advocacy Brief
We need an inclusive Loss & Damage Fund that puts vulnerable communities in the driver's seat. Policy & action must connect for fair access & community-led solutions. A blueprint for engaging stakeholders, governance, & operations to boost participation, justice & resilience.