Climate Policy & Finance

Climate Policy & Finance

We support a globally coordinated, just and equitable response to the challenge of catastrophic climate change, which affects the poorest countries and people the worst. Adequate, predictable, and additional climate finance and fresh thinking is needed for innovative ways to generate new funding for effective, efficient, and (gender-)equitable climate action, particularly for Southern countries. Our Climate Finance Program analyses  and monitors the emerging global finance architecture, especially public climate funds such as the new Green Climate Fund (GCF), and works to ensure gender-responsive climate financing.

Green Climate Fund squandering scarce climate funds by financing REDD+

Despite over a billion US dollars for pilot initiatives by multilateral agencies and subsidies for private sector REDD+ projects and research programmes over the past 15 years, REDD+ has not fulfilled its promise of being a silver bullet in the fight against deforestation: global forest loss continues at alarming rates.

Climate Finance enables the poorest countries and peoples to adapt to climate change- but what does it entail?

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Climate Finance Resources

Climate Funds Update

An independent website that provides information and data on the growing number of multilateral climate finance initiatives designed to help developing countries address the challenges of climate change.

Climate Finance Fundamentals

An introduction to climate finance, financial flows, the regions and countries funds reach, and the climate interventions funds target.


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