Climate Finance Fundamentals 8: Regional Briefing - Asia


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CFU data shows that for 18 countries in Asia1 a total of USD 4.5 billion for 453 projects and
programmes have been approved by 18 multilateral climate funds and initiatives. The diversity of
active funds in the region is not matched in the distribution of finance. Considerable amounts of
finance have flowed to fast-growing economies such as India and Indonesia, primarily for mitigation
projects. On the other hand, a number of nations at considerable risk to climate change, such as
Sri Lanka, have received relatively little. This year saw USD 749 million in new approvals, with over half
programmed for mitigation, largely through the Green Climate Fund (GCF). The GCF did, however, approve
one adaptation project for the region and four multi-foci ones in addition to these five mitigation projects,
totalling USD 619 million in 2018.

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