The Democracy Program explores the challenges and changes in US and European democracies. It focuses on the radicalization of the Right and attacks on liberal democracy in the US and parts of Europe (Democracy at Risk); sheds light on new social movements and justice protests seeking to create more inclusive and pluralistic democracies (Democracy, Unfinished); and works to understand how the consequences of the climate crisis and the necessary transformation of our economies, infrastructure and way of life are changing our democracies (Democracy & Climate Crisis).

The Democracy Program supports people, movements, and ideas that strive to modernize and defend the principles of pluralistic, liberal democracy. Through events, publications and study tours, we bring together policymakers, civil society organizations, experts and activists from the US, Canada, Germany and across the EU who are engaged in countering the anti-democratic forces of our time and are building more resilient and inclusive democracies.

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Line drawing of a protest with a sign in the center that says "democracy is in peril defend it with all your might"

Grow the Future - a network of green voices

Projected image of Harriet Tubman on Statue of Confederate Robert E. Lee

Building a Diverse and Inclusive Culture of Remembrance

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