Each year, we sponsor a select number of journalists from the US and Europe for an independent, transatlantic trip to research stories relevant to the foundation’s work on climate and energy policy, democracy and social policy, foreign and security policy, or technology and digital policy. Fellowships are selected annually and are open to journalists in any medium.

Call for Applications: Transatlantic Media Fellowship 2022

The application window has been extended until April 18th! We especially encourage applications in the Foreign & Security Policy and Climate & Energy Policy program areas.

The Transatlantic Media Fellowship program supports well-researched transatlantic journalism. As in previous years, the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Washington, DC, will give a select number of journalists from the United States, Canada, and Germany the opportunity for on-the-ground reporting relevant to the foundation’s work on democracy & social policy, technology & digital policy, foreign & security policy, and climate & energy policy. This year, we accept applications for either travel-based or virtual research and reporting.


  • A stipend of $3,500 for an on-the-ground fellowship (including transatlantic travel); OR

  • A stipend of $1,500 for a digital fellowship (virtual interviews, no travel)


We seek journalists with a strong track record of publications who offer new perspectives on transatlantic policy debates. Fellowships are open to journalists in any medium.

Applicants should be:

  • based in the United States or Canada and demonstrate a strong motivation for engaging in research and reporting about Europe; OR

  • based in Germany and demonstrate a strong motivation for engaging in research and reporting about the United States or Canada

We will give special consideration to journalists

  • from regional or local media outlets

  • from diverse backgrounds who can offer lesser-heard perspectives

  • who may not otherwise have the opportunity to conduct transatlantic research

Journalists are responsible for their travel and visa arrangements.


1. Democracy & Social Policy

Applicants in this category should pitch stories on challenges to democracy in the United States, Canada or in EU member states. Possible topics include:

  • Challenges to democracy, such as voter suppression, radicalization and anti-democratic movements

  • Migration (climate-induced migration is of particular interest)

  • LGBTQ+, gender equality, and racial justice

  • Debates on colonialism and historical reconciliation (Vergangenheitsaufarbeitung)

  • Social, democratic and economic reforms under the Biden administration

2. Technology & Digital Policy

Applicants in this category should pitch stories on technology and digital policy in North America (United States and/or Canada) or in EU member states. Possible topics include:

  • Use of digital technologies for sustainability and/or public interest (e.g. AI solutions to combat climate change, open data/ open source solutions for public service delivery)

  • EU, US/Canada or transatlantic digital governance/ethical debates (e.g. platform regulation, ethical use of AI, privacy/data flows)

  • Debates on disinformation and misinformation online

  • EU, US/Canada or transatlantic debates on digital innovation

  • EU, US/Canada or transatlantic debates over technological competition with China

3. Foreign & Security Policy

Applicants in this category should pitch stories on foreign policy topics relevant to the United States, Canada, Germany and the EU. Possible topics include:

  • The future of European security

  • Flight and migration to Europe and the United States

  • The inclusion of climate change in US and European foreign and security policy thinking

  • The future of arms control in Europe and the US

  • Democratic backsliding in the EU and in Europe’s neighborhood

  • Strengthening the Women, Peace and Security agenda in foreign policy

  • The impact of populism on foreign policy in the US and Europe

4. Climate & Energy Policy

Applicants in this category should pitch stories on climate and energy policy/issues in the United States, Canada, or in EU member states. Possible topics include:

  • Climate agendas and targets

  • Green stimulus packages

  • Phase-out of fossil fuels and nuclear power

  • Transformation towards renewable energy

  • Sustainable transportation

  • Environmental justice

  • Methane emissions

  • Climate change litigation

  • Energy security


Format: Reporting can be in the form of one longer, investigative piece, two to three shorter articles, or multimedia content (i.e., podcasts, videos, or photo essays).

Timeline: Fellows are expected to complete their travel and/or research by October 15, 2022, and publish their content in any quality media outlet by the end of the calendar year. At a minimum, fellows must publish their pieces on our website.

Publication: Fellows must be able to either guarantee the publication of their pieces or to provide us with documentation of a completed story ready for publication.

Social media: Fellows are expected to engage with the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Washington, DC over Twitter, Instagram, and/or Facebook to document their travels and to promote their publications.


Please read the instructions carefully as we will not consider incomplete applications.

Applications should consist of:

  • Resume: Please use a standard US format (no picture, date of birth, religion or marital status).

  • Cover letter: A one-page document outlining your motivation, qualifications, and experience.

  • Proposal: Please include the following three sections:

  • Story proposals: Please include a short description of the stories you plan to cover (about 200 words each), and whom you plan to contact for interviews.

  • Publication plan: Specify your plan for publication (language and target publication).

  • Social media: Briefly explain how you plan to engage with the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Washington, DC in the course of your fellowship.

  • Work samples: Please submit two work samples. If your previous work is not in English, German, Spanish, or French, please provide a brief summary of each of your work samples.

Please include your story proposal(s), travel itinerary, social media engagement section, and work samples in the same file as your cover letter, and upload them all as one file. If your work samples are other forms of media (e.g. video) please email us and we will make accommodations.

Click here to submit your application.

For questions, please contact Carl Roberts at carl.roberts[at]us.boell.org.

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We were not able to offer a specific fellowship in the field of Foreign & Security Policy in 2021, but are including this area again in 2022.