Building a Diverse and Inclusive Culture of Remembrance — DAICOR

DAICOR is a reciprocal transatlantic exchange program for individuals with a professional interest in the promotion of an inclusive and progressive culture of remembrance in public spaces in Germany and the United States.

Implemented in two cohorts (2021 and 2022) DAICOR will build a new transatlantic network of  16 experts each year–from both the US and Germany–to explore how diversity, equity, and inclusion are currently being implemented in the memorial cultures in both countries.

The DAICOR fellows of the year 2021 will discuss how public space can be opened to more diverse and inclusive forms of representation in two joint programs. One part will focus on remembrance and memorial culture in Germany and the other will focus on memorial culture in the U.S. The goal of both programs is to understand how multiple historical viewpoints can be represented in public spaces and how the past can be memorialized both honestly and critically.

Photo of the "Widen the Circle" session during DAICOR
I am grateful for a transatlantic program that understands the importance of honoring cultural narratives and spaces of remembrance.
Clarice Abdul-Bey

Meet the German Cohort

Meet the US Cohort