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The Foreign & Security Policy Program supports a broad conception of security policy and aims to increase transatlantic and global solidarity to chart a more peaceful, feminist, and sustainable future. The world in the 21st century is more complex than ever. The rise of autocrats around the world, growing economic pressures, the climate crisis, refugee flows, and fragile multilateral coalitions increase the stakes and the urgency to forge a transatlantic foreign & security policy that commands broad support, fosters inclusion, promotes sustainability, and puts a halt to the anti-democratic forces that are gaining strength in the United States and Europe.

The Foreign & Security Policy Program advances these goals through study tours, publications, events, and off-the-record roundtable discussions, as well as by bringing new, younger and underrepresented voices into foreign policy debates. While the Program works on global issues of peace & security, strengthening the transatlantic relationship remains as a core priority.


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Feminist Foreign Policy & Climate Change

In the second episode of “Hear Her Roar” our host and feminist foreign policy fellow Sabrine Dao continues the conversation around feminist foreign policy, this time with a focus on climate change.
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