Global Development Policy

The Global Development Policy program starts from the recognition that our planetary boundaries are at a breaking point and that our multilateral systems often fail to provide adequate solutions. As a result, the Heinrich Böll Foundation Washington, DC takes a new approach to Global Development Policy: we strive to rethink global economic power structures and work for a more inclusive culture of international cooperation that responds to the needs of all groups in our global society. We seek to foster international dialogue on a sustainable, democratic, equitable and human rights-based approach to development.

Through workshops, study tours, research, coordinated policy work and publications, the program brings together policymakers and civil society organizations from across the world, with an emphasis on voices from the Global South. It especially aims to amplify the perspectives of marginalized peoples and communities in discussing solutions to issues of global economic development policy and governance.

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Cover of "Transatlantic Strategy on Critical Raw Minerals"

Transatlantic Strategy on Critical Raw Materials

Jacob Mardell compares the US and EU strategies to ensure access to raw materials necessary for the green transition in the face of global competition and shows how these should be based on genuine and inclusive partnerships rather than just economic interests.
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