Latin America

Cover of Towards a “digital new deal” for Latin America: Regional unity for a stronger recovery

Shaping the Future of Multilateralism - Towards a “digital new deal” for Latin America: Regional unity for a stronger recovery

Published: 16 June 2021

The absence of an integrated digital market and a unified political vision for tech policy in Latin America and the Caribbean puts the countries of the region at risk of dependency on a foreign private sector for their digital transformation. The investment that will be required to recover from the pandemic offers a unique chance to break out of the current market logic and treat technology as critical social infrastructure that must be sustainable and requires citizen participation.

Global perspectives on Covid-19 vaccination - Access to the Covid-19 vaccine in Venezuela

Published: 14 June 2021

The outbreak of the pandemic could have spelled disaster for Venezuela, already two decades into a political, social, economic and health crisis. The combination of a collapsed national health system and economy, a complex humanitarian emergency, a continuous stream of migration, an internal political conflict with international ramifications, a population with high levels of malnutrition, has seriously hindered the development of a successful vaccination programme. Thus far,  Venezuela has administered the fewest number of Covid-19 vaccinations in relation to its population size of all the countries in South America.

Shaping the Future of Multilateralism - Feminist, Decolonial Economic Solutions to Address Interconnected Global Crises

Published: 20 May 2021

The undeniable connections among the multiple crises that humanity faces today -- climate change, biodiversity loss, inequality, poverty, and the Covid-19 pandemic -- demand interconnected, rather than segmented, macro solutions. Responses must be systemic and address the structural dynamics and shortcomings of governance, economics and finance. A feminist and decolonial framing provides a lens for proposed reforms.