Foreign & Security Policy Fellowship

Foreign & Security Policy Fellowship 2017

This year's Foreign & Security Policy Fellows will research stories related to the following questions:


  • Perception of Europe and its role in international affairs: Research could e.g. focus on:  How is Europe perceived by Americans particularly outside major US cities (e.g. as weak power, reliable US partner, or competitor in international affairs)? To what extent do Americans believe in the importance of a close alliance with Europe? This category applies for European journalists travelling to the US.


  • The Role of the United States in Europe: Research could e.g. focus on: What are the consequences of the US troop reduction on the local level in Europe? For example, how has the presence of US troops in Europe shaped the image of the US? This category applies for US journalists travelling to Europe.

About the Foreign and Security Policy Fellowship

HBF North America’s work on Foreign and Security Policy explores the challenges of transatlantic relations and particularly the cooperation of the US and the EU and its member states in international affairs. The program specifically focuses on democratic governance and conflict resolution in the European neighborhood. Journalists interested in applying for a media fellowship in this category should aim to contribute to a nuanced discussion on the future of transatlantic relations, particularly in the area of international security.

2017 Fellows


The Future of Incirlik Air Base

Transatlantic Media Fellowships

A report by Transatlantic Media Fellow Joseph Hammond for RealClear Defense explores the effects of US-Turkey tensions surrounding  Incirklik  Air Base, Turkey.

By Joseph Hammond

Life After Coal

Transatlantic Media Fellowship

In "Germany’s Appalachia," the last coal mine is closing. Can renewable energy and technology replace a quietly disappearing industry?

By Amelia Urry

Living with the Flood

Transatlantic Media Fellowship

Flooded streets, drifting cars: That’s normalcy for the citizens of Norfolk. The city wants to better protect its residents. But they don't always cooperate.

By Alexandra Endres