Foreign & Security Policy Fellowship

Foreign & Security Policy Fellowship 2018

This year, we are looking for candidates to report on a variety of foreign and security policy topics in Europe. Applicants should pitch stories related to:

  • Perceptions of Russia in the neighboring states:  We seek reporting on how different perceptions of Russia have polarized societies in Europe. Countries of particular interest are Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia, and Armenia.
  • Discourses on European border security: Reporting for this topic could, for example, focus on old and new migration routes to Europe, and/or how individual EU member states deal with their border management. Research should be conducted in the EU.
  • Implications of ongoing tensions with Russia: We are looking for stories on how ongoing tensions with Russia influence public discourse on security and defense in the EU. Stories could focus on (renewed) discussions on compulsory military service, strengthening of cyber security capabilities, or nuclear deterrence. Research should be conducted in the EU.
  • Other: Is there a foreign and security policy topic that is relevant to both Europe and the US that you think is not well covered in the US? Tell us why it’s important and relevant, and we'll take it into consideration.

Research for Foreign & Security Policy should be conducted in Europe. Applicants should be based in the US and demonstrate a strong motivation for engaging in research and reporting in Europe

Interested? Apply to our 2018 Transatlantic Media Fellowship. For more details, please see our call for applications

About the Foreign and Security Policy Fellowship

HBF North America’s work on Foreign and Security Policy explores the challenges of transatlantic relations and particularly the cooperation of the US and the EU and its member states in international affairs. The program specifically focuses on democratic governance and conflict resolution in the European neighborhood. Journalists interested in applying for a media fellowship in this category should aim to contribute to a nuanced discussion on the future of transatlantic relations, particularly in the area of international security.

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