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Iraqi and Syrian Kurds have gained increasing international recognition for their efforts in combating ISIS and some observers conclude that the conditions for an independent Kurdistan have never been as favorable as they are now. What are the prospects for a Kurdish nation state? 

Climate & Energy


A new law that took effect in Poland earlier this month could kill growing competition from land-based wind farms by expanding setback requirements tenfold and increasing tax burdens.


Despite an ongoing freeze on state policies to boost clean energy in Ohio, efforts to increase energy efficiency and renewable energy are underway in Cleveland and the rest of Cuyahoga County.

Democracy & Social Policy

 From September 23 to October 1, sixteen American integration professionals and public officials will travel to Germany for a nine-day, five-city visit, to learn about Germany's approach to refugee integration. The visit is part of the Welcoming Communities Transatlantic Exchange (WCTE), a reciprocal exchange program bringing together integration practitioners from Germany and the United States to share ideas and best practices on welcoming and integrating refugees into their respective communities. 


Based in Brooklyn, the Health Maker Lab uses 3D printing technology to produce low-cost prostheses and medical instruments, with the aim of radically shifting the "relationship between the 1% and 99% of the population.” Hbs Media Fellow Giorgio Ghiglione met with one of its founders. 

Foreign & Security Policy


Is the EU the cause of the injustices we face? Zygmunt Bauman discusses Brexit and the impact it has on the world.

Trump kissing Johnson: Street Art against the Brexit decision

Hillary Clinton should be warned by the British referendum: Similar to the Brexit movement, Trump’s campaign benefits from anti-immigrant sentiment and anger over the “political elites” and “mainstream media”.

Economic Governance & G20

Photo: G20 Hangzhou Summit, participants

This discussion paper reviews key outcomes of the September 4-5 G20 Summit in China. 


A Blog by Motoko Aizawa, Institute for Human Rights and Business, and Nancy Alexander, Heinrich Boell Foundation-North America on the new Report: “In Search of Policy Coherence: Aligning OECD Infrastructure Advice with Sustainable Development”

Welcome to the Heinrich Böll Foundation North America!

We strive to promote democracy, civil society, equality and a healthy environment internationally. Our Washington, DC office is a 501(c)(3) organization that provides expertise on issues related to our mission. Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, the Heinrich Böll Stiftung has 31 offices worldwide and cooperates with more than 200 partners in more than 60 countries.  

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